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The universal CNC thread grinding machines in the RG series are particularly suitable for grinding worms, threaded spindles, ball screw spindles and threaded rolls as well as hobs. The highly stable basic structure (machine body is made of polymer concrete) enables high productivity and optimum precision (basis: Reishauer thread grinding machine type RG500).

The use of the latest CNC dressing technology in combination with a powerful profile calculation software system allows for high flexibility and precision so that virtually all dressable profiles can be transferred with the highest degree of precision to the grinding wheel.

In the –U version, these machines are used for grinding single and multi-start gear worms (with standard profiles according to DIN such as ZI, ZK, ZA, ZN & ZC and for special profiles). Achievable accuracies are in the range 2 – 5 according to DIN 3962.

The –HG version allows grinding of threading tools (focus: thread-cutting tap/forming tap (LH/RH).

In the –HW version, the machine is used in particular for grinding hobs and similar workpieces. Hob qualities of AAA as per DIN 3968 can be achieved without difficulty. Workpieces made from HSS and – with the help of special equipment – carbide can be ground.

In the –I version, a special internal grinding attachment is used to grind female threads. A variety of HF spindles are available for this purpose.

The machine is equipped with the latest drive and control technology (digital servo drives: Bosch-Rexroth or Siemens, axial and angle measurement systems: Heidenhain). Thanks to the workpiece-specific user interface by SMS (HMI), the CNC control system (Siemens 840D sl or Bosch Rexroth MTX) can easily be programmed by the operator in the dialogue system and allows for short setup times.

For series production, these machines can be equipped with an optional automatic loading system – adapted to the respective requirements.

Axes (max. 8):

Work-piece slide                          Z-axis

Work-piece drive                          C-axis

Grinding infeed slide                   X-axis

Swivel unit                                     A-axis

Dressing slide vertical                 V-axis

Dressing slide horizontal            W-axis

Coolant nozzle positioning        U-Achse

Relief grinding carriage    X2-Achse (opt.)


Automatic loading system;

Work-piece diameter. max 320 mm


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