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The type SM50 CNC measuring machine guarantees geometric inspection of the grinding quality of thread-cutting and forming taps at the highest level. The machine is also equipped to provide a graphical illustration and numerical analysis of the relief on thread-cutting taps. The machine can also carry out measurements of free forms such as polygons.

The guides as well as the tailstock are mounted on a plate of hard granite rock. The measuring probe (TESA), which can be turned by 90°, allows radial and axial measurements to be taken without time-consuming retooling.

The use of the latest technology results in a CNC measuring machine that combines high precision with exceptional ease of use. In most cases, workpieces can be mounted using the familiar components of the thread grinding machines; setup times are therefore extremely short.

The machine is equipped with the latest drive and control technology (digital servo drives: Siemens, precision length measurement systems: Heidenhain). Thanks to the workpiece-specific user interface by SMS (HMI), the CNC control system (Siemens 840D sl) can easily be programmed by the operator in the dialogue system.

The user interface (HMI) is specially designed for our thread-cutting and grinding machines and guides the user step by step from data input to the resulting measuring protocol.

Axes (max. 3):

Measuring probe slide radial             (X-axis)

Measuring probe slide axial               (Z-axis)

Workpiece drive                                  (C-axis)


Special measuring operations (measurement of polygon forms and pitch on the forming taps)

Additional options available on request

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