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SG 501


The SG 501 extends the application spectrum of the SG 500 series. Via torque motor, the grinding wheel can be swiveled on both sides up to 135°.

Thread-, gear-, worm- and similar workpieces with any lead angle can be ground. The SG machines are supported by a highly compact, rigid, vibration-reducing, and thermally stable basic structure (machine body made of polymer concrete).

The precision table dressing unit with high frequency spindle allows – along with exceptional flexibility – CNC dressing of any profiles.

The SG 501 is equipped with 4 CNC-axes, digital servo drives, high-resolution measuring systems and a modern CNC control system (Siemens 840D sl), which can easily be programmed using the dialogue system (HMI) and allows short setup times.We recommend to use our special profiling software for generating the wheel profile and dressing program. As well, we can provide it on a separate Workstation. Via interface, existing grinding wheel- or dressing profiles also can be read.

In addition to the SG 501, the series includes two additional machine types that offer larger grinding lengths but otherwise identical construction and functionality (SG 1001, SG 2001).

In the -H version, the process of e.g. grinding hobs requires highly complex machine kinematics, which allows for Maximum precision even at higher speeds. Here the grinding support, carried out as linear motor, acts as a radial oscillation axis. The grinding process for hobs ( -H version ) or relief geometries that require small grinding wheel diameter, uses mini-spindles that are mounted on a tipping unit and swung from the grinding into the dressing position. Both HSS as well as HM tools can be ground.

The optional W-axis, which allows a positioning of the grinding wheel along the grinding wheel axis, additionally increases the range of application of the machine.

The perfect prerequisites, therefore for grinding worms, threaded spindles, ball screw spindles, thread rolls, pump rotors – and, with appropriate equipment, also hobs.

SG 501: Thread grinding, of course with Maximum precision and flexibility along with high productivity and profi tability.

Available options:

• Automatic loading system

• Indexing unit and measuring unit

• Various grinding spindle units

• Version -H for hobs

The machine is equipped with 4 to 5 CNC axes:

Workpiece table (Z-axis)
Workpiece drive (C-axis)
Grinding support, linear Motor (X-axis)
Swivelling axis (A-axis)
Shift axis (optional) (W-axis)

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