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Heligrind SH

The new SMS Heligrind SH series permits a wide range of grinding applications due to its modular design. The machi-ne is – depending on the version and equipment – particularly suitable for the ultra precise and highly productive grinding of all kinds of thread-type workpieces, such as:

        • Worms
        • Screw spindles
        • Extruder screws
        • Threaded rolling dies
        • Thread gauges
        • Threaded tools such as cutting and forming taps
        • Ball screws
        • Gear-cutting tools (shaper cutters and gear hobs)
        • Broaching tools
        • (compressor) rotors
        • Gear racks
        • (Special) gears



    The SH is a console machine (travelling column construction) and is distinguished by its compact and low-vibration design. The machine has an optional vertical  axis with hydraulic weight compensation. This extends the application range of the basic version with an additional adjusting axis or  – in a further expansion phase – even a
    highly dynamic oscillation axis. The basic version of the machine has a table-mounted dressing unit.

    The new modular control software (Helitouch) permits simple and fast programming and therefore very short setup times. The machine can be networked with other Helitouch systems to exchange programs and settings. The use of special profile software permits the ultra precise grinding of almost all profile shapes. Heligrind SH: One that does it all!

    The SH in brief:

        • Thread-type workpieces (internal thread and combination machining are also generally possible) Any profile shapes
        • SMS HMI user interface with touch screen input
        • Direct digital drives
        • High-resolution measuring systems
        • I/O-Link sensor creates the basis for the IoT
        • Console design: extendible grinding length
        • Vibration-damping machine bed
        • Service-friendly setup: separation of the working area from the drive and power supply components
        • High static and dynamic rigidity
        • Control system: Siemens 840 Dsl



    Available options:

        • Various dressing versions
        • Various grinding spindle units
        • Indexing / measuring unit
        • Automatic loading system (robot)
        • Automatic coolant supply
        • Stoke axis (adjusting or interpolating axis)



    The machine is equipped with max. 8 CNC axes:

    Wheel head (longitudinal side) (Z-axis)
    Grinding support (X-axis)
    Workpiece drive (C-axis)
    Swivelling axis (A-axis)
    Vertical axis (optional) (Y-axis)
    Radial dressing axis (optional) (V-axis)
    Axial dressing axis (optional) (W-axis)
    Coolant nozzle re-positioning (optional) (U-axis)

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