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FG-7 / -15

The FG series is a stand-alone flute grinding solution.
Oil cooled direct drive Fanuc servo spindle motor with programmable speed from 0-12/15.000 RPM’s. The nominal power is 7kW with 10kW peak performance for model FG-7 and 15kW with 19kW peak performance for model FG-15. For tools with diameters over 20mm we will soon offer our FG-35 with 35kW motor, which is currently under development.

The machine is equipped with a 6 axis Fanuc control with option for (on the smaller FG-7), a 7th axis for table tilt, where the tap chamfer can be ground by using a straight 1A1 wheel.  Menu driven, user friendly software with clear screen icons and instructions makes operator trai-ning easy. The flute profile can be entered by DXF file or through screen menus with 2D flute simulation software. 3D simulation is available for complex flute geometry, based on a standard SolidWorks software platform, with menu driven parametric data input.

The machine will grind straight, right and left hand helix, with grinding wheels from 50 to 220mm diameter. With 2 wheels mounted on the flange, gun point can be ground with discrete profiles for flute and spiral point.  The built in 2 axis diamond roll dresser has full flexibility to dress multiple different wheel profiles – and dressing can be com-pleted during the automatic robot loading cycle, improving greatly on floor to floor cycle time. The Fanuc robot with dual head gripper, completes the loading cycle in less than 6 seconds. Standard round collets can be used due to the pre-locating devise securing perfect alignment between square and flute. 3D printed coolant spouts simplify the set-up greatly and directs the oil accurately saving pump capacity and energy. To complete the array of features for tap flute grinding, the FG machines all feature a program-mable sliding tailstock with the option to grind with center or bushing support.

Available options:

Customer specified (preferred) cassette design
CNC sliding bushing or center support
Use of square or round collet

The machine is equipped with 6/7 CNC axes:

Grinding table longitudinal travel:  X-axis
Wheel spindle horizontal travel:  Y-axis
Wheel spindle vertical travel:  Z-axis
Head stock: A-axis
Wheel column angle movement:  C-axis
Center or bushing support: U-axis
Grinding table tilt for chamfer grinding (FG-7 only): B-axis

Work spindle

A-axis, spindle nose: Schaublin W20 Long nose collet
Automatic, pneumatic clamping: min. 6 bar
Max Speed: 300 RPM

Automatic Loading

Cassette type: 200x200mm or by customer request
Capacity standard: 2 loaded cassettes, 2 empty
Ø3 shank, 2 x 200 tools
Ø10 Shank, 2 x 100 tools

Installation requirements

Weight: approx. 3.500 kg
Power supply FG-7: 3×400 V, 50 Hz, 16 kW, 16 Amp.
Power supply FG-15: 3×400 V, 50 Hz, 21 kW, 32 Amp.
Air supply: min. 6 bar, dry and clean
Vent hole: 120mm
Color, machine base: Anthracite grey
Color, machine enclosure: Light grey
Automatic central lubrication: oil

The FG series can also be used as part of a modular production concept, the SMS transfer line.

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